> Our Mission To Deliver Success

BigBox host a leading web hosting, web designing and services company, is part of the BigBox Infosoft LLP Group, which has been providing quality web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals since 2010. Our goal is to provide outstanding services for the best possible price. To achieve these goals we are constantly innovating and upgrading our services at no additional cost to our customers.
Our success not just our products, it’s our people. Our success is down to the hard work of our team, and that’s why we only work with people who have talent, passion, drive and a firm commitment to delivering an amazing web hosting experience. We're committed to ensuring that we have the People Infrastructure to continue providing awesome products and top notch service long into the future. Come and join the thousands of other website owners that have already chosen BigBox Host and see how we can help you with your site.

> Fast, Reliable and Affordable Hosting and Services

Our web hosting network is based on the fast and reliable Linux and Unix operating systems. It is monitored 24/7 for any unusual activity and benchmarked continuously for performance. This allows us to immediately respond to short-term issues as well as to grow our system optimally - keeping it broadband ready, economical and fully redundant at all times. Staying true to this technology and concept has allowed us to offer domain name registration and web hosting that consistently outperforms our competitors - in reliability, speed and economy. We are the only hosting company that can assure server speed faster than litespeed servers. We equally give contibution for our other services so we assure better quality, development and reliablity of the other services provided by us.

> Enterprise-quality hardware as standard

We're committed to using high-spec hardware and using our expert knowledge to maintain it, we don’t believe in cutting corners with low end hardware. We use a hand-picked selection of the most powerful, reliable server hardware available today to power our network and our platforms use a dynamic blend of well-known industry products as well as our own exclusive in-house solutions.

> Our People-Symbol of Excellence

BigBox Host is here to secure your business. We are confident we can provide you with the highest level of support with our friendly and patient support staff waiting to address your needs. Our expert hosting team knows what it takes to be the best and how we can help make your site a success. Our team are standing by to respond to your queries around the clock, big or small, and we’ll be there for you - 24x7, 365 days a year. With minimum hold times and 100% in house on site staff in our hosting offices you can be assured that the person helping with your site knows how to help and is eager to make you a happy customer.At BigBox Host we have appointed the staff from different streams to ensure all the possibilities and aspects and deliver you the best result out of your requests. Our consultation team will be always helping you for any off-hosting related queries you have, to advance business in multiple ways.

> You can try us out without the risk

Our top priority to deliver the ultimate customer experience, and we strongly in customer satisfaction so that if for any reason you’re unhappy in your first 30 days as a customer, you’re more than welcome to request your money back. We have just one request - that you let us know why you’re unhappy so we can address the problem for our other customers and make our service even better.

Please take a look around our site and contact us if you have questions, comments, suggestions - or even complaints. Any feedback you provide will help us serve you better in the end!

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