Fully Managed Service BigBox Host offers a fully managed plans in which we care of all your websites, VPS or dedicated servers. With Fully Managed Service as a name suggest we managed it completely. You should be hassle free with all the maintenance, installation, monitoring stuff of your services. We completely moniter your service 24x7 for the errors and interruptions, with fully managed plans we look after the day to day maintenance of your websites and also the routine backup of your data to avoid any kind of loss. Extra value added backup plan can also be taken for complete and priority backup of your data or website it is highly recommend by us for VPS and Dedicated server customers.

Our Fully Managed services offers following features:
  • Trouble shooting
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Monthly Security Audit
  • On call maintenance
  • Software upgrading
  • Virus Scanning
  • Control Panel Updates
  • Backup services
  • Control panel set up
  • And for other service like 3rd Party Installs, Application Tuning or any Custom work extra charges may be applied depending on the task.

    Self Managed Service If you like full control, then you'll love our Self Managed Service, unlike name it is not the completely managed by yourself we are here to provide the required support for you but not a complete support. With self managed service you will be responsible for complete maintenance, upgradation, mointoring of your server. We wont be accessing any of your content or server anytime, but we will be there for some tech support or other issue which you cannot solve by yourself and it comes under our service area. With the self managed service we will be not taking a backup of your content, you are responsible for all backup, damage or loss of data. You can still add a value added (paid) backup service by which we will be responsible for all your website or server backup. Self Managed service can anytime be converted into fully managed service by signing up with the management addon or you can also ask for management service by pay per task option in which you will be paying for a specific task or specific period and not a fully managed fees. For more detials and pricing of the management options please check your service addons or contact our support team.