Web Designing Web Designing At BigBox Host we offer personal, business and ecommerce websites with HTML/CSS, php, custom wordpress template and CMS designs. We can help you promote your business online with a great looking custom website. We will work with you to create a design that is suitable for you and your needs. We can do so by using modern, easily accessible, standard base design methods; or by creating a unique design from scratch using your sketch or Photoshop file.

Our professional web designers have custom created thousands of deeply enriching, creative websites and brand enhancing solutions. We have insight-driven teams who deeply understand our customers and deliver on all performance objectives.
Application Development and Integration Web Designing Our application development and integration team can bring your next big software idea to fruition. At BigBox Host, we not only specialize in building web applications, but also develop applications for mobile phones (android, ios, java) platform and also on salvaging previously failed custom web application development projects. Our unique processes are based on the experience we have built from custom programming and application development jobs for sites of all sizes.

There is a application for every need...well almost. From content management systems to online catalogs and from blogs to corporate intranets, we've seen it all and done it all. Let us talk to turn your business idea into a reality.
Search Engine Optimization Web Designing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a techniques used to get your website ranked high up on the list of search results for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These search engines score websites on a number of factors and it is important to know what these are and what you can do to get a good score and so rank higher. To appear on the first page of search results for search engines like Google for the keywords or key phrases that best suit your business can be time consuming and difficult to achieve.

At BigBox Host our experts knows how to make the most of your company website. Our techniques and expertise have helped to raise brand awareness online, drive more relevant traffic and potential customers, generate more leads and enquiries and increase the overall performance of client's websites.
Digital Marketing Web Designing BigBox Host has a team with combined expertise in marketing and technology. We understand brand messaging and positioning as good as we understand the digital media platforms that can help your brand reach strategically to millions. With digital marketing activities you can reach to your target audience before your competition does, be there where they are searching for you, influence and convince them to buy and also execute the retention/loyalty programs.

Digital marketing has helped several small to mid-sized businesses catapult to the bigger league because they didn’t just needed to setup sales offices across hundreds of cities and spend a few million bucks for marketing to generate sales. All they needed was a good website and comprehensive digital marketing activities to drive the desired results.
System Administration and Web Security Web Designing System Administration and Web Security is a critical aspect to the successful operations of most businesses. For many businesses the cost associated with monitoring and administering these systems is extensive. BigBox Host can help to minimize these costs by providing system monitoring and administration services on a part-time or full-time basis. We will work with you and your organization to develop an effective strategy for monitoring and administering your mission critical systems whether they be Windows NT/2000 or Unix based servers.

Our technical team has the expertise in Unix and variants, Windows and VMS, together with ensuring that distinct systems work seamlessly together. We will formulate a plan that meets your business requirements to ensure that your mission critical servers are operating at their highest capabilities and are protected from unplanned system 'down-time'. In addition, we can develop a backup/recovery plan to protect your company data in the event of system failure resulting in data loss.