What is an SSL Certificate? An SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer), also called a Digital Certificate, creates a secure link between a website and a visitor's browser. SSL certificate ensures the data the server and enduser be safe, secure and private and prevents hackers from stealing private information such as credit card numbers, names and addresses.

Why do I need SSL on my site ? The Internet has spawned new global business opportunities for enterprises conducting online commerce. However, that growth has also attracted fraudsters and cyber criminals. The increasing awareness of online fraudsters and cyber criminals has presented an opportunity for ecommerce providers to capitalize on consumer fears by displaying trust indicators. People need to be confident before they proceed down an unknown path.

Domain Validation SSL Certificate A domain validation SSL certificate is available for all individuals and businesses. There is no paperwork involved; you just have to provide validation by email. You be sent an automatic message that you will have to respond to in order to be sent the certificate. It happens extremely quickly and there are not even call backs necessary in order to get it.

Business Validation SSL Certificate A business validation certificate requires more paperwork. You need to validate by email as well as supplying company documentation for authentication. This process is done manually and therefore can take up to three business days to complete. This will give you a higher security level and is recommended for ecommerce sites that are registered businesses. You will need to provide specific business documents. in order to get this certificate.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate Extended Validation SSL Certificate is the highest assurance certificate and is an excellent tool to reassure your visitors. The Green Address Bar which is available only with EV SSL Certificate, will immediately indicate to your visitors that the website is secured and verified. This is an extended validation certificate which provides trust from your customers. You will get a green address bar which will show your visitors that your website is safe to use. This is the cheapest EV SSL certificate that gives the green address bar.

Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL Certificates Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL Certificates are also known as Unified Communication Certificates (UCC) were primarily developed for use with Microsoft Office Communications Server and Microsoft Exchange products. You can secure different common names or domain names with just one certificate, it works with both internal network name and external domain names.

Wildcard SSL Certificates A Wildcard SSL certificate will allow you to be able to have protection for unlimited amounts of subdomains on a domain name with one IP address. This includes the primary domain as well. It means that you can apply just one certificate to a whole website and save time and money. It is a cheap and convenient solution and much easier to manage than having one certificate for each subdomain.

Who is a Code Signing Certificate for? So how do you decide whether you need one of these? Well, if you are selling something in a physical shop then you automatically have the trust of your customers as they can look at the packaged items and see where they have come from. However, when they are getting things online, they cannot do this. They want to make sure that if they download something, for example, that it is genuine and is not malicious. It is sadly all too easy for someone to hack a product or even produce a counterfeit one and so customers want to be sure that they will be downloading a genuine item. By having the certificate you will be able to show customers that they have a genuine item. They are more likely to download it as they will know that the code has not been tampered with.