Unleash the Power of Cloud with KVM Box Server

Experience the ultimate in performance, scalability, and control with our Box Server, a cloud virtual server solution.

Balanced Box

Find the perfect balance of resources for your applications with our versatile Balanced VM plan, designed to meet various general use cases.

1 vCPU0.5 GB25 GB0.5 TB$3.00
1 vCPU1 GB30 GB1 TB$4.00
1 vCPU2 GB50 GB2 TB$8.00
2 vCPU2 GB60 GB3 TB$12.00
2 vCPU4 GB80 GB4 TB$16.00
4 vCPU8 GB160 GB4 TB$32.00
6 vCPU16 GB320 GB5 TB$64.00
8 vCPU32 GB640 GB6 TB$120.00
16 vCPU64 GB1280 GB10 TB$240.00
24 vCPU128 GB1960 GB10 TB$480.00

Compute Box

Unleash the full potential of high-performance computing with our Compute Box plan, tailored to handle intensive computational workloads.

1 vCPU2 GB30 GB4 TB$25.00
2 vCPU4 GB60 GB5 TB$36.00
4 vCPU8 GB160 GB6 TB$72.00
8 vCPU16 GB320 GB7 TB$140.00
16 vCPU32 GB960 GB8 TB$280.00
32 vCPU64 GB2048 GB10 TB$540.00

Memory Box

Elevate your applications with our Memory Box plan, equipped with ample RAM to support memory-intensive tasks and optimize performance.

1 vCPU8 GB100 GB5 TB$35.00
2 vCPU16 GB480 GB6 TB$80.00
4 vCPU32 GB960 GB8 TB$160.00
8 vCPU64 GB1480 GB8 TB$320.00
16 vCPU128 GB2880 GB9 TB$640.00
24 vCPU192 GB3840 GB10 TB$960.00
32 vCPU256 GB4800 GB10 TB$1280.00

Storage Box

Accommodate your growing data storage needs effortlessly with our Storage Box plan, providing generous disk capacity for your storage-intensive applications.

1 vCPU8 GB240 GB4 TB$48.00
2 vCPU16 GB480 GB6 TB$80.00
4 vCPU32 GB960 GB7 TB$160.00
8 vCPU64 GB1920 GB8 TB$360.00
16 vCPU128 GB3840 GB8 TB$720.00
24 vCPU192 GB5760 GB9 TB$1080.00
32 vCPU256 GB7680 GB10 TB$1440.00

More features at a fingertip

Dedicated Resources

Enjoy the power of dedicated resources including CPU, RAM, and storage, ensuring optimal performance and stability for your applications and workloads.

Choice of OS

With our root reseller hosting service, you will get access to total server resources at your disposal.

Instant Deployment

Get started quickly with instant deployment of your virtual server, allowing you to provision and launch your server within minutes.

Easy Management

Streamline server management with intuitive control panels and management tools, allowing you to efficiently monitor and control your virtual server, manage resources, and perform administrative tasks with ease.

Highly Scalable

Scale your server resources seamlessly as your needs grow, with the ability to easily increase CPU, RAM, and storage capacity to accommodate your expanding requirements.

Robust Infrastructure

Benefit from a robust infrastructure powered by state-of-the-art data centers, high-performance servers, and redundant network connectivity.

server peak perfomance

Experience Peak Performance with Box Server

At BigBoxHost, we bring you the Box Server, an exceptional cloud-based virtual server solution designed to empower your business with unmatched performance, scalability, and control. With Box Server, you can harness the full potential of the cloud, leveraging dedicated resources and cutting-edge technology to drive your applications and websites to new heights.

With Box Server, you'll experience the ultimate in performance, as we offer high-performance hardware, robust infrastructure, and optimized virtualization technology. This ensures that your virtual server operates at peak efficiency, delivering lightning-fast response times and exceptional computing power to handle even the most demanding workloads.

Need to Know More?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Box Server is a virtual machines that offers unparalleled performance and scalability compared to traditional virtual servers. Unlike traditional servers that rely on physical hardware, Box Server leverages cloud technology, providing greater flexibility, resource allocation, and scalability. With Box Server, you can harness the power of the cloud to optimize your applications and websites for maximum performance and efficiency.

Box Server delivers exceptional performance, thanks to its high-performance hardware, robust infrastructure, and optimized virtualization technology. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and resources, Box Server ensures lightning-fast response times, high computing power, and the ability to handle even the most demanding workloads. Experience faster data processing, reduced latency, and seamless application performance to provide your users with an exceptional online experience.

Scaling resources with BigBoxHost is effortless. Whether you experience a sudden surge in traffic or plan for future growth, Box Server allows you to easily scale your CPU, RAM, storage, and other resources. Our flexible infrastructure empowers you to allocate resources as needed, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. With Box Server, you have the flexibility to adapt your resources to match your business requirements, accommodating both short-term spikes and long-term expansion.

We puts you in full control of your virtual server environment. With root or administrator access, you have complete autonomy to install custom software, configure settings, and tailor your server to suit your unique needs. Our user-friendly control panel simplifies management tasks, enabling you to make adjustments, monitor performance, and maintain full control over your server at all times. Take charge of your virtual server with Box Server and customize it to meet your specific requirements.

BoxBox stands out among other cloud solutions with its focus on performance, scalability, and control. Unlike some solutions that may sacrifice performance for cost-efficiency, Box Server combines the power of the cloud with dedicated resources, delivering exceptional performance without compromising on scalability. With full control over your environment and the ability to scale resources as needed, Box Server offers a versatile and reliable solution for businesses of all sizes. Compare the features, performance, and flexibility of Box Server with other solutions to see the difference it can make for your hosting needs.